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Cox Capital Announces Extension Date for Tender Offer of Franklin BSP Capital Corp.

Cox Capital Partners announced on Friday, May 17, 2024, that it has extended the expiration date for the Mini-Tender Offer for outstanding common stock (“Shares”) of Franklin BSP Capital Corporation (the “Fund” or “FBCC”).

As a result of increasing stockholder interest and the Memorial Day holiday, the Purchasers have decided that it is in the best interest of Fund stockholders to extend the expiration date to June 14, 2024. The Purchasers may also choose to increase the total capacity of the Offer within regulatory limits as participation increases. No other terms of the Offer have changed.

The Tender Offer will now expire at 5pm ET on June 14, 2024 unless the Offer is extended by the expiration date. The previous expiration date was 5pm ET on May 24, 2024. If the amount of Shares tendered exceeds the capacity of the Offer, Shares will be accepted on a pro rata basis unless the capacity of the Offer is increased by the Purchasers.

Stockholders may obtain additional copies of the Tender Offer documents by contacting the Fund or the Company. Stockholders should read these documents, as the documents contain important information about the Company's Tender Offer.

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