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The Secondary Market

The secondary market for retail-focused alternatives has been slow to develop in response to the tremendous capital raised in this space over the last decade. 

Cox Capital is committed to playing a key role in the ongoing development of a secondary market for retail-focused alternative investments in the wealth management channel.

Today, the secondary market for institutional alternative investments has evolved into a sizeable market used by investors for a variety of purposes, such as active portfolio management, asset allocation shifts, portfolio rebalancing, and liquidity management. Secondary markets serve as a consequence of large pools of invested and committed capital. Due to the illiquid profile of alternative investments, a secondary market is necessary to fully develop an efficient private market that suits the needs of investors and fund managers alike.
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The appetite for investor liquidity is increasing as timelines for certain liquidity events have become extended, and many liquidity options remain suspended or oversubscribed at the fund level. Separately, liquidity serves as a critical tool in comprehensive portfolio management and wealth planning and can serve as an important utility in volatile markets..

We purchase a range of illiquid funds at scale including Business Development Companies (BDCs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Closed-End Funds (CEFs), Interval Funds, Private Placements, Feeder Funds, and LP Interests. 

Our strict underwriting standards, proprietary risk analysis, and robust due diligence ensure that you will receive a fair value for your investment.

We are focused on providing solutions that serve the changing needs of individual investors, advisors, and institutions.
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