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Today, the secondary market for institutional alternative investments has evolved into a sizeable market used by investors for a variety of purposes, such as active portfolio management, asset allocation modifications, portfolio rebalancing, and liquidity management. 
However, the secondary market for retail alternatives has been slow to develop in response to the tremendous capital raised in this space over the last decade. 
Cox Capital is committed to playing a key role in the ongoing development of a secondary market for retail alternatives.

The appetite for investor liquidity is increasing as timelines for certain liquidity events have become extended, and many liquidity options remain suspended or oversubscribed at the fund-level.

We purchase a range of illiquid funds at scale including Business Development Companies (BDCs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Closed-End Funds (CEFs), Interval Funds, Private Placements, and Feeder Funds. Our strict underwriting standards, proprietary risk analysis, and market comparable due diligence ensure that you will receive a fair value for your investment.

We are focused on providing solutions that serve the changing needs of individual investors, advisors, and institutions.
Partnership Approach
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Cox Capital works with advisors and investment firms to develop custom liquidity solutions based on their unique and changing needs
By partnering directly with advisors and their firms, we maintain and respect the client/advisor relationship
Our goal is to provide fair and competitive solutions, ensuring mutually beneficial and positive outcomes for firms and their clients
Process to Liquidity
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We engage with our potential partners to understand their need for liquidity
We structure a solution that works for your needs and reach an agreement to move forward with the transaction
Our teams helps facilitate the transaction and will work with you to complete all required documentation
Once all documentation has been completed, the transaction is settled with the custodian of your choice

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