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The secondary market for retail-focused alternatives has not yet developed like its institutional counterpart. While the growth of retail-focused alts has mirrored that of the institutional market, the availability of secondary liquidity has not yet emerged as a viable option to serve the best interests of shareholders and LPs.

The wealth management market is highly fragmented across independent broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, and wirehouses, and further governed by the client-advisor relationship that is critical to portfolio oversight. This dynamic, coupled with the smaller investment size and transactional complexity of investing in alternatives, can make the path to liquidity seem challenging to navigate. As more traditional institutional secondaries managers have grown larger, they are also unable to accommodate some of the smaller liquidity needs of certain family offices and wealth managers.

Cox Capital offers the first option for direct buying and can provide certainty in an uncertain environment. We are committed to providing fair value, simplicity, and transactional and process compliance.


Partnership Approach
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Cox Capital works with advisors and investment firms to develop custom liquidity solutions based on their unique and changing needs
By partnering directly with advisors and their firms, we maintain and respect the client/advisor relationship
Our goal is to provide fair and competitive solutions, ensuring mutually beneficial and positive outcomes for firms and their clients
Path to Liquidity
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We engage with our potential partners to understand their need for liquidity and how it fits as a portfolio management tool
We structure a solution that works for your needs and reach an agreement to move forward with the transaction
Our teams helps facilitate the transaction with a simple technology-enable solution and will work with you to complete all required documentation
Once all documentation has been completed, the transaction is settled and the funds are sent to the custodian of your choice

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