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The Cox Capital Value

Why Work With Us?

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Cox Capital's secondary liquidity solutions enable investors whose liquidity needs or portfolio objectives have changed to:

  • Sell illiquid assets at higher prices versus other options like third party tender offer firms

  • Receive cash for illiquid holdings

  • Simple, technology-enabled pre-populated paperwork with quick processing times

  • Large buying capacity with a reputable liquidity provider

  • Transact across multiple products or client accounts simultaneously

  • Actively manage nontraded alternative investment strategy

Cox Capital is the segment leader in providing secondary liquidity to the wealth management channel because:

  • We provide fair values to investors

  • We represent a strong counterparty with signicant funding capacity

  • We are responsive and stand by our bids

  • We facilitate paperwork and assist in the transfer and funding process

  • We are a discreet buyer and do not disclose transaction activity

  • We work directly with advisors and respect the client-advisor relationship

  • We are sponsor-friendly and are a strong limited partner

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